About us

Welcome to the heart of Forex trading!

If you want your accounts done properly, you will likely visit your accountant. 
That would be the right move. If you need your garden landscaped, undoubtedly you’ll hire a landscape gardener.

Forex is no different. If you trade Forex and you need a source of information, 
education and tools to maximize your trading edge, then you’ll want to refer to the experts.

ForexPrime is the brainchild of two ambitious and seasoned Forex traders. 
We have been trading online Forex for about 10 years. Like the markets themselves we’ve come to understand that
trading is a volatile, always-changing journey. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down.  You roll with the punches and in fact you may have already learned that your psychology is a key part of the trading puzzle.

We personally have come to learn that the trading resources and education tools you refer to throughout the day are
key part of your ongoing trading success. As traders ourselves came across many websites offering similar content.
We weren’t always sure how reliable these sources were. We also found ourselves spending hours each day visiting our
favourite websites in order to build a clear picture of the markets.

The goal of this website is to take out the legwork from your research.
We have created a centralized hub where you can find all the tools you need for the course of your trading day.
You can access winning trading signals, watch news videos, read articles and even educate yourself to reach the next rung on the trading ladder.

We are massive believers in the trading community and that’s why we encourage you to maintain ongoing
communication with us. Update us on your trading experiences with certain brokers, let us know if there’s new sections of the site that would be very helpful to you.

Enjoy your time at ForexPrime!